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Modern, Edgy, Glamorous, Classic.

French Bullevard is a daring combination of modern edgy styles and glamorous classics. We are the brand of reference for the trendy dog owner looking for refined and stylish accessories. This results in high-quality, unique, and aesthetically pleasing products, imbued with elegance and good taste. Dressing up our pups fashionably is a treat not only for them but also for us. They love the attention they get out of the experience, while we get to reflect impeccable taste in fashion.

Our Philosophy

We created the French Bullevard brand to add sparkles to the lives of our canine friends and their loving owners. This sparkle is not only meant literally, through the glimmer and shine of our unique jewelry pieces, but also figuratively as a symbol of the joy and happiness that envelops the dog owner and his pup while wearing our singular collections.

Finding chic, suitable, and functional accessories for dogs is a whole lot easier and fun to do with our collections.

Through the experience of selecting and dressing up a dog, you can enjoy more memorable moments with them. Our brand is created because we believe that love always deserves that kind of sparkle, and each of us deserves that sparkle.

@kumithefrenchie & Jessica

Our history : The co-founders

Our brand is highly inspired by the cute little French bulldogs, one of which is very close and dear to our hearts. Kumi (@kumithefrenchie), without whom, French Bullevard would only be imaginary. Kumi is an endless source of inspiration throughout our creative process. She never failed to brighten our days by filling them with love & joy. We love her immensely and miss her every second. 

Why We are Different

Our Stance

Our jewelry pieces are not the usual dog jewelry you will find elsewhere. They are unique, well thought out, and carefully handcrafted.

We proudly and carefully handcraft all French Bullevard jewelry collections, including chains, necklaces, and jewelry in our New York atelier. Through our careful and artistic hands, we turn our unique ideas into tangible unique jewelry that are well suited for our precious canine buddies. 

In the event that our product needs manufacturing, we make sure to meticulously scour through various partners in New York City to make sure that we end up pairing with the right maker, who matches or exceeds the level of quality we envisioned without altering our strong sense of design. We also make sure that each and every material supplied is produced through ethical manufacturing practices.

Our playground

From New York

We’re an independent organization promoting the wellness and beauty of our beloved companions. As a brand born in Manhattan, in the iconic neighborhood of the Upper East Side, French Bullevard is highly influenced by New York City‘s spirit, energy and diversity of talent. Such influence can be seen in our range of urban, trendy and chic handmade accessories designed for the active, sweet and lovable pooches.

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