Our dog chains were created with one idea in mind: why settle for something usual and common when you can have something so much better?

We understand the importance of having a durable stylish dog chain but we also consider the aesthetic and comfort aspect of it. We have come up with our own line of handcrafted chains for dogs to provide you with marvelous pieces that your pooch would wear fondly.

During holidays and special occasions, we dress up and embellish ourselves with a few jewelry pieces to make us feel more special. Share that uplifting feeling with your pet on such days by getting them any of these gold dog collars from our collection.

Compared to your own jewelry, the gold dog chains in our collection may be inexpensive but that doesn’t mean that are cheap. These are made up of tough brass chains that are plated in 16K gold for that unbelievable rich and luxurious aura. It’s a practical buy compared to making use of pure gold chains that could easily break through your energetic dog’s movements.

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