If they could operate a cell phone, you better believe they will never leave you on “Read.”


They will never ditch you for another person. They will always come back to their one true love—you

Your Frenchie will never invite you to his/her backyard show and proceed to ignore you the whole time ?

They make the perfect date when you want to go outside and explore but don’t feel like dealing with people.

They will always make you feel needed, wanted, and worth it, even on the days when all you want to do is order a pizza and binge on Netflix. They will be right there with you, hoping that their presence makes you feel better :’)

They will never question your taste in music or comment on your horrendous shower singing. They’re just happy you’re home.


They will listen to you vent about your complicated love triangle without a single judgment. No more side eyes from Gretchen (aka that one friend who’s always throwing you shade) ✌️


They are incapable of being fake. You don’t ever have to worry about walking through a room while they act like you guys didn’t just meet at that party last night.


They will ALWAYS be happy to see you, and you better know that it is ALWAYS genuine.

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