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How To Train French Bulldog To Sit

A Frenchie sitting at its owner’s command is very impressive to see. It shows obedience and good behavior. This is why most Frenchie owners wonder how to train french bulldog to sit. The “SIT” command is not only a common trick for Frenchies but also with other dog breeds. Just like training for any other thing that you want your Frenchie to do, training your adorable puppy to sit will require patience, consistency and time.

Tips On Successfully Training Your Frenchie To Sit:

Establish that you are the alpha – Your Frenchie won’t obey you unless it identifies you as the alpha in your household. This simply means that you should make sure that you identify yourself as the leader over the Frenchie and not the other way around.

Minimize distractions – To your training with the time you schedule, you should make sure that distractions are minimized and your Frenchie’s focus is on you. Things that can highly distract your French bulldog would include the presence of food nearby, other people and animals nearby and items for dogs like chew toys, a ball, or its snugly.

Decide on a visual or auditory reward marker – A visual or auditory marker helps the Frenchies realize that what they did is correct and they are about to get a treat or reward for doing it. As an auditory marker, some make use of a clicker while others choose to say a short word that they don’t often use or say in a special way. Visual markers can also be chosen and an example would be showing a thumbs up.

Guide Your Frenchie To Sit

Guide your dog to sit – Your dog won’t know what sit means unless you guide it to do the position. To do this, say the word “sit” firmly then place your hand on your dog’s back and give it a gentle push to sit down. Once your Frenchie is seated, praise him or use your designated marker then give him a treat. Repeat this several times a day to familiarize your dog with the command.

Be strict but not harsh – When ordering your Frenchie to sit, give the command firmly and make sure that your adorable dog is fully seated before giving the treat/reward. Giving the treat prematurely, as your puppy is just about to sit, can confuse your Frenchie. It is also normal for your puppy not to do your commands but this doesn’t mean that they should get punished.