How To Train A French Bulldog To Walk On A Leash

train frenchie

Walking your Frenchie is a more enjoyable experience when you are not being pulled or tugged by your pet. When your cute frenchie puppy drags you, it tries to be in charge and it successfully does when you walk in that direction. That is about to change because in this section you’ll get to know how to train a French bulldog to walk on a leash.

#1: Choose A Leash And Collar

The first thing you need to do is to choose a collar and leash that is not only sturdy but is also comfortable for your Frenchie. This will depend on the size of your  frenchie pup. For starters, you can choose lightweight ones and move to heavier and sturdier ones as your Frenchie puppy grows into an adult.

It is best not to place the leashright after you call the attention of your puppy for doing something mischievous because it might think that the collar and leash are punishments.French Bullevard

#2: Know When To Put The Collar And Leash

Before you place the collar and leash on your Frenchie, make sure that it is in a relaxed or comfortable mood. Try placing it while your puppy is resting or playing inside your home. Make sure to check the fit so it is not too tight nor too loose. Putting on a collar and leash on an anxious puppy will cause it to be more scared. It is best not to place the leash right after you call the attention of your puppy for doing something mischievous because it might think that the collar and leash are punishments.

#3: Let Your Frenchie Warm Up To Wearing A Collar And Leash

It is normal for your Frenchie to look like it doesn’t like to wear the collar because it is not yet used to it. Make sure it doesn’t develop negative feelings towards the collar by still playing with them or hugging them when the collar is attached. Your presence and attention may distract them from the collar and leash.

It is also best to let them roam freely inside the house with the leash. Ease into taking the leash and try to lead your puppy into walking around the house, but do not force your puppy into it. Rewards such as a toy, treat or a belly rub when it lets you lead them while walking can also help them develop positive feelings towards the collar and leash.

#4: Time To Walk Outdoors

When your Frenchie is already used to wearing the collar with the leash, you can try walking them out. It is best to choose a quite place outside for your first walk outdoors. This lessens distractions that can cause your Frenchie to become overly excited and pull on its leash. Let your leash hang loose to let them explore and figure out their limits. Don’t pull too hard or tug so you don’t end up hurting them.

#5: Practice, Practice, Practice

Stubborn as they are, Frenchies will try to lead the walk. Keep your composure, remain calm and be firm. Eventually, your Frenchie will learn its limits and you’ll be able to lead your Frenchie to walk around the block, the park or anywhere you wish.