Don’t let living in an apartment hinder you from getting that cute little dog with a squished face. You can certainly potty train a French Bulldog even if you don’t have a wide space outdoors and live in an apartment. In fact, Frenchies are great pets for apartments because they are of a smaller breed. Here are a few expert tips on how to potty train a French Bulldog in an apartment.

Expert Tip 1: Pick A Designated Area

Potty training a Frenchie puppy in an apartment is quite similar to potty training them outdoors. Although it is ideal to let the puppy wander outdoors to find the right spot to do its business, you can’t let them wander around your home. You have to designate a place where it can do its business. Some apartment owners who have a balcony train their Frenchies to pee and poop outdoors in a litter box while there are also others who pick a corner inside the apartment where the potty tray is placed. It is important to be consistent and use the spot you pick every time you take the Frenchie puppy to potty.

Expert Tip 2: Mimic The Outdoors

Frenchies naturally feel comfortable peeing or pooping in the grass because of the texture and natural feel of the grass. Try to mimic that by placing something similar in their litter box. You can choose from shredded paper, pine shavings, wood chips, mulch, and other organic matter. An artificial grass pee pad is another great option since it mimics perfectly real grass.

Expert Tip 3: Set A Routine

Setting a routine of when and where to take your baby Frenchies to potty and how often to do it within the day trains their body clock to do their business at that certain time of day. Being consistent makes it easier for their body to adjust. You may also change the routine a little bit to follow the time of day when your puppy usually poops or pees. In case you catch your Frenchie pup doing the deed out of schedule, immediately bring them to the designated area. Successfully using the potty area should be rewarded with treats, toys, belly rubs, or words of praise.

Expert Tip 4: Thoroughly Clean The “Accident” Area

Accidents are normal for young Frenchies in training and to avoid your puppies from repeating the deed in that area, thorough cleaning of the area is advised. Dogs and even young puppies have a keen sense of smell and they will usually repeat relieving themselves in the same area. By removing the scent, you also prevent your Frenchie from thinking that it is the designated area to do their business. Use dog-friendly cleaners that don’t have ammonia in them because Frenchie pups can confuse this scent as their own.

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