Cute little Frenchies that follow what their owners say are a dream to watch. Although Frenchies won’t instantly do what you want them to do just by saying it, you can always train them.


Whether you want to make your Frenchie behave better, be potty trained or do different tricks, this section will provide you with the French bulldog training tricks you’ll need to effectively train your pet.

#1: Remain consistent

A key to successfully training a Frenchie puppy is consistency. Make sure you pick a technique and use it throughout your training. In this way, your Frenchie will better understand what you are training it to do. It will clearly understand the results and consequences of its actions as well as what you really want them to do.

#2: Focus on one thing at a time

The thought of being able to train your Frenchie can be very exciting that you may want to train it to do multiple things. It is possible for a Frenchie puppy to be trained to do a variety of things but the training needs to be done one by one. First, select the most important one and focus on training them to do that. When they’ve successfully trained on one thing, you can move to another. This helps them to be better focused and it also prevents them from being confused about what they did wrong.

#3: Reward your frenchie

Using treats and rewards make training more enjoyable for your Frenchie puppy. It pushes them to try better so that they can get the reward. Praising them is also a great reward because the Frenchies feel proud and loved with each pat on their head or rub in their tummy that you give.

#4: Pick the right time for training sessions

When in training, make sure that your puppy is properly fed and hydrated. Frenchies are more likely to cooperate when they are not hungry or thirsty. It is only fair to provide them with the source of energy that they need to go through training.

#5: Socializing helps

It is also very important for your Frenchie puppy to socialize with other Frenchies, other animals and other people too. Letting them get exposed to others help make them friendlier and more affectionate. This makes them less aggressive and more in control of themselves in different scenarios.

#6: Use distinctive verbal commands

The use of verbal commands will easily help the owner and the Frenchie understand each other. Simple words can work as commands that catch your Frenchie’s attention and lead them to do what you ask. Simply telling them to sit or stay can be helpful in various scenarios and are not just used to impress others. These verbal commands can be used to help train them for more complicated tricks.

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