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Frenchie puppy biting
Your french bulldog puppy is biting ? Don’t panic ! Read this article and learn about why it is happening, and how to deal with it. A French bulldog is one of the top choices when it comes to getting a lovable and adorable pet dog. Learning about their temperament, personality and character would improve your bond. One of the things you should know about French bulldog puppies is their natural love for biting or chewing into different items, their siblings and even on their human companions.

Why Does My French Bulldog Bite ?

It is important to understand why they result into biting so that you can better train them to control their urge.

Biting Is In Their Nature

The process of biting and chewing also helps strengthen the Frenchie puppies jaw and teeth. This is why owners should just control what their Frenchie chews on rather than completely preventing them from biting or chewing. It is in the Frenchie puppies nature to bite or chew as they also try to protect themselves. Frenchies also bite as a way to defend themselves against people or things that they think put them in danger.

Biting As A Form Of Play

French bulldog puppies are naturally playful and one way to show their playfulness is through biting. Observe a Frenchie puppy with its other siblings and you’ll see that they will bite each other. It is a form of socialization and a bit of rough play. A Frenchie puppy learns to control the intensity of its bite when it plays with other puppies. When it bites too hard and causes pain on another Frenchie, the other puppy will cry loudly to let the Frenchie know. This pushes the Frenchie puppy to control their bite or else other Frenchie puppies won’t play with them anymore. This is a natural way on how Frenchies learn to control their bite.

French Puppies Are In Their Teething Stage

Biting is very natural for Frenchie puppies. Some may consider them as just a phase that they can outgrow as they mature into adults. Biting usually occurs when Frenchies are puppies because they are still in their teething stage. Like babies who like to chew on different things while they are teething, Frenchie puppies also like to bite and chew on things while they are teething. The process of chewing relieves their gums of the discomfort that they may be feeling because of their erupting teeth. Giving them items that they can chew will help them feel more comfortable as they pass through this stage of their lives. After teething, it is possible for Frenchies to lessen their frequency in biting or chewing.

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How To Train A French Bulldog Not To Bite

It may seem cute for Frenchie puppies to bite or nibble on you today, but if you don’t control their biting habits, these cute puppy bites will eventually turn into painful adult French bulldog bites. Controlling your Frenchie puppy’s biting at the early stages of their lives is your best option to prevent future biting problems. In this section, you’ll learn different techniques on how to train a French bulldog not to bite.

Set The Rules : 5 Techniques To Train Your Frenchie Not To Bite

The first thing that you need to do is to set the rules. You should establish that you have authority over your Frenchie so that it follows you. With whatever you are training your puppy for, you should be consistent. Make sure the rules are always followed and no exceptions so that your Frenchie learns faster.

Technique No. 1: The Yelping Out Loud Technique

This technique mimics how Frenchies naturally learn to control their biting urge when they are with their other siblings. By yelping out loud and startling your Frenchie puppy every time they bite you, your cute Frenchie will learn that biting is hurtful to you and should not be done.

Technique No. 2: Training Without Violence

Although startling your Frenchie with your voice every time it bites you is an effective way to train your Frenchie not to bite, being violent and hurting them does the opposite. Frenchies also bite as a form of defense. When they feel that they are in danger because of your violence, they are more likely to be aggressive and react with violence too.

Technique No. 3: Providing Chew Toys For Biting

Biting and chewing is natural to Frenchie puppies who are teething. It helps them with the discomfort that they feel in their gums. To prevent your Frenchie from biting you, you can provide them with alternative chew toys or chew items instead. Giving them iced treats or rags soaked in cold water will help numb their gums and make them feel more comfortable.

Technique No. 4: Identifying The Cause Of The Biting Problem

If you’ve already trained your Frenchie puppy not to bite and then it suddenly started biting, there may be a deeper reason why it has changed its behavior. It is possible that your Frenchie is suffering from anxiety and using biting as an outlet. In this case, biting isn’t really the problem but anxiety is. Finding a way to overcome their anxiety will eventually lead them to stop biting.  

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