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drawing frenchie

Frenchie puppies aren’t given to pet owners right after their birth. Most, if not all, owners will let their litter grow for about 9 weeks before finding them their forever home. These initial weeks are very crucial as the newborn puppies initially cannot see, hear, regulate their body temperature, defecate nor urinate on their own. They are very young and wouldn’t know how to survive on their own.

If you happen to own a mommy Frenchie expecting puppies soon, or if you’ve recently adopted a French Bulldog, you should absolutely be prepared and knowledgeable about how to take care of newborn french bulldog puppies. Although their mother is there to care for them, some mothers can’t handle all her puppies or don’t really want to. As a pet owner, you should be able to provide these basic things for your french bulldog puppies:

Frenchies Puppies And Heat

Newborn Frenchies don’t have the ability to keep themselves warm but their mother can naturally do that for them whenever she is in contact with them. Although the mother keeps her babies warm, you should always check to make sure that she does not accidentally suffocate the puppies. Other artificial sources of heat like heat lamps, heating pads, or a space heater may be used but be very careful because the puppies can easily dehydrate and die when overheated. Make sure that the temperature of the whelping box is at a range of 86 to 90 degrees.

What To Feed A Frenchie Puppy

Newborn puppies receive nutrients from their mother’s milk but sometimes, puppies are not latching well or don’t have the chance to latch for a long time because of more aggressive puppy siblings in the litter. It is important to check their weight every day and make sure that they are gaining weight daily. If not, you should take a closer look at them to make sure they nurse adequately from their mom or provide them with a supplement like goats milk or prepared formula milk for puppies.

Stimulation For Bowel Movement

The mothers need to stimulate the puppies for them to urinate and defecate. Some mothers will do this regularly but others may not want to so it is up to you to do it. Use damp cotton balls with warm water or a small dab of petroleum jelly on your finger. Gently wipe this over their genitals until they urinate and defecate, then clean them up. Make sure that the puppies and their whelping box are clean to avoid infection. Handle them with clean hands and don’t expose them to everyone because their immune systems are still weak and not yet developed.