[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ny pet lover loves to hear about a great story of an animal in need with a happy ending. So, when we hear about one that tugs at our heart strings it is hard not to share it. Well, thanks to the magic of Instagram, stories like this one can be shared with anyone and attract national media coverage. Although the abundance of stories can paradoxically become boring, some stories get shared more than others.
Just recently there was a great story about a homeless dog by found by an Ivy Diep. She found the poor little cutie wandering the streets of Los Angeles. She took him in and affectionately named him Popeye. The longer she had him she realized that he loved to be around food. Whenever she would have him around food, he would take on some great model positions (@Kumi is so jealous). Making him an instant photo star!

instagram puppy foodie

Ivy then started taking him with her to restaurants and eateries that were pet-friendly. She set up an Instagram account for him as well called Popeye the Foodie Dog. His pictures have been shared all over the internet and people have just fell in love with him over and over. Many assume that he is like many other dogs that would take the chance at trying every bit of food he can. However, he is just happy to sit there and enjoy the show!

instagram star puppy
This is a great story to show that homeless pets can make great pets. If you are thinking about getting a new pet, you can always consider adoption. They have as much love to give as any other pet!

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