Story of Our Store

French Bullevard is a daring combination of modern edgy styles and the glamorous classics. We intend to be the brand of reference for the trendy dog owner looking for refined and stylish accessories.

  • Derby Gold Chain – Limited Edition

    Class up your pooch with this uncomparable stylish chain!
    Derby chain is simply the perfect choice to show off your pooch’s impeccable style. It featured shiny unique links that look like…

  • New York Chain – Black

    Keep your pup’s look on point with this edgy & chic piece, perfect for everyday wear and beyond.
    This is a tough-looking chain to make your dog looks like the baddest…

  • Cali Pendant – Sterling Silver

    Want a unique personalized gift for your pooch? Look no further, this pendant is the absolute right choice for a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry!
    This sterling silver pendant will add a personalized…

  • Cali Gold Chain

    We know you want your beloved pooch to be a trendsetter so this chain is the way to go! It is a stand-out piece that will never go out of…

  • Cali Silver Chain

    You’ll never find a more timeless piece than this silver chain with shiny diamonds. It’s always in style,  doesn’t tarnish, and can be worn for any occasion. Not too showy…

  • Upper East Side

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and now your pup’s best friend too!
    Upper East Side, New York, represents chic, upscale, designer vibes, exactly what this chain is! So, swaddle your…

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