Sport Chic Leather Leash – Green Emerald


Go green with this beautifully textured leather leash crafted with remarkable finesse. Choose this soft vegan leather along with its matching collar, and you will never go wrong. The bright white strip adds a special cachet to the leash and shows timeless details and signature craftsmanship.

This green emerald leather leash goes with any style. It was elegantly designed and finished with aged gold-tone metal hardware to better show off the details.

  • Patented, Cruelty-Free Luxury Leather Upholstery
  • Water Resistant, Stink Proof & Low Maintenance
  • Elegantly Designed & Masterfully Crafted in New York City


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The vegan leather dog leash, like the collar, is made from patented, cruelty-free leather upholstery. A nonwoven, nontoxic blend of vegan materials that contains no animal products or by-products is safe for you, your dog, and the environment. The production of the leather both the collars and leashes results in very little emission so you can feel good about the products you’re buying, knowing they aren’t harming the environment. These vegan leather leashes don’t include vinyl, a plastic ingredient known to release extremely harmful dioxins into the air, both polluting the earth and creating a health hazard. Many studies have highlighted the dangerous effects of dioxins, and we hope to combat the rise of this harmful substance by using a process of production that doesn’t add to the problem. From the plant to your hand, these vegan leather dog leashes are perfectly safe, stylish, and comfortable.

The Le Sport Chic dog leash features the same beautiful luster and sheen that the collars have. That makes these indistinguishable from authentic leather! You’re saving the planet while reaping all the benefits of a leash that looks and feels just as sleek and high-quality as real leather.

The leash holds up on rainy, damp days with no issues thanks to the waterproof leather. It is also stink-, mold-, and fade-proof which means you can take a load off when it comes time to clean. This leash will handle the bright sunshine or an overcast winter day without showing wear, meaning your pup will be styling and profiling even after constant wear.

The leashes contain no flame retardant materials or conflict minerals, and the manufacturing process includes 99 percent recycled materials, making it compliant with all international standards. You can rest assured you’re making a good choice for both your dog and the environment.

The Sport Chic MMXVII Vegan Leather Dog Leash is available in four gorgeous colors paired to our collars including

Caribbean Blue, Pink Coral, Midnight Blue, Sandy Gold