Sport Chic Leather Collar – Midnight Blue


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If you find vibrant colors too loud for you and your dog’s taste, the shimmery Midnight Blue vegan leather collar is a perfect choice. The Midnight Blue color exudes a mysterious and reserved aura, like a bold and noble gentleman who does great things without expecting an applause. It is a neutral color that blends well with other colors because it doesn’t need to pop out much to really see it’s beauty.

Attached to the collar is a real gold plated tag with the French Bullevard logo made through a high precision engraving. Carefully selected brass hardware completes the collar and allows for a customized and secure fit. This collar is not only suitable for your handsome fellow but also for your gorgeous girl who thinks that pink is too preppy for her taste.

  • Patented, Cruelty-Free Luxury Leather Upholstery
  • Water Resistant, Stink Proof
  • Low Maintenance – Easy to Clean
  • Elegantly Designed & Masterfully Crafted in New York City



The Sport Chic MMXVII vegan leather dog collar is made of a patented, cruelty-free leather upholstery. The sumptuous leather-like fabric is made of nonwoven, nontoxic blend of vegan materials which is proudly free of animal products or by-products. Our eco-friendly dog leather collars are made with very low emissions. They don’t include vinyl, a plastic ingredient that is known to release extremely harmful dioxins into the air, both polluting the environment and creating a health hazard. Our dog leather collars are perfectly safe for you, your dog, and our environment.

The dog leather collars contain no flame retardant materials or conflict minerals, are made with 99 percent recycled solvents, and are compliant with international standards. You can rest assured your dog is safe, comfortable, and environmentally conscious.

The Sport Chic MMXVII vegan leather dog collar boasts a beautiful, lustrous sheen and sleek feel just like conventional leather while featuring a waterproof fabric that is stink- and mold-proof. That means cleaning is easy and low maintenance. The color won’t fade either, so your dog’s vegan leather collar will still look fabulous through all kinds of use.