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Where Luxury Meets Canine Fashion

The exclusive destination for all your luxury accessory needs. Inspired by French Bulldogs, made for all pups.

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  • Salvatore Two-Tone Chain

    French Bulldog Chains $57.00$90.00
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    Salvatore Two-Tone Chain


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    The Salvatore Two-Tone chain is a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward pup. Our best-selling chain just got even better with a stunning bi-color design that is sure to make your pup the coolest one on the block, it will elevate your pup’s style game and make them the talk of the town.

    It’s so unique and so is your pooch!

    Gender neutral for badass boys and girls!

    This silver chain is meant to be worn loose. Add 1 or 2 extra inches to your pooch’s actual neck size.

  • Kumi

    French Bulldog Chains $84.00$100.00
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    Love is the most powerful and beautiful thing on earth. It brings light and joy to anyone’s life.

    The love I have for my beloved Kumi is eternal and will always be even if she is with the angels now. I always think about her when I select items to make new accessories, she has always been my muse and my daily inspiration and she will continue to inspire me, this chain honors her legacy.

    Its links are very unique and represent well the strong bond you have with your pups like the one I had with Kumi. It also features a beautiful heart-shaped pendant made with stainless steel and finished with small stones that sparkle in the light.

    This chain will showcase the unconditional love you have for your fur babies. Kumi was all about love.

    You have the choice between the green stones and the pink ones.








  • Derby Gold Chain – Limited Edition

    French Bulldog Chains $68.00$84.00
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    Derby Gold Chain – Limited Edition


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    Class up your pooch with this uncomparable stylish chain!

    Derby chain is simply the perfect choice to show off your pooch’s impeccable style. It featured shiny unique links that look like stirrups.

    Only available in limited quantity until supply lasts.

    Note: This is a piece of fashion, not a collar.




  • New York Chain – Black

    French Bulldog Chains $67.00$92.00
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    New York Chain – Black


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    Keep your pup’s look on point with this edgy & chic piece, perfect for everyday wear and beyond.

    This is a tough-looking chain to make your dog looks like the baddest pup on the block. We named it New York for its edgy & boldness style!

    This chain features high polish finished gunmetal links, accessorized with fashionable soft rounded spikes and a badass skull pendant.

    Note:This is a piece of fashion, not a collar.




  • Cali Pendant – Sterling Silver

    French Bulldog Accessories $53.00
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    Cali Pendant – Sterling Silver


    Want a unique personalized gift for your pooch? Look no further, this pendant is the absolute right choice for a one-of-a-kind custom jewelry!

    This sterling silver pendant will add a personalized touch and more bling around your doggy’s neck.  It adds a perfect sheen that will be the envy of all your friends.

    Note: Only Available in Silver.

    Cannot be sold individually. It will be soldered to the Cali chain.

    Please add to the note section below the letter you wish to have.

    For example “Letter M”.

  • Cali Silver Chain

    French Bulldog Chains $79.00$130.00
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    Cali Silver Chain


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    You’ll never find a more timeless piece than this silver chain with shiny diamonds. It’s always in style,  doesn’t tarnish, and can be worn for any occasion. Not too showy or tacky, but enough to make your fur babies feel like a million bucks.

    Cali is a wardrobe staple that’ll never go out of style, the perfect accessory for everyday wear. This piece is the perfect gift for any pooch who loves bling and diamonds, and your pup deserves to be just as fashionable as you are!

    Be ready for compliments to flow!

    To make it unique, pair it with a matching diamond letter pendant.

    Note: This is a piece of fashion, not a collar.

    One size fits all


Unique Accessories For Your Pooch

Our selection of chains, jewelry, clothing and walking gear let you dress up your pup in style. Choose from our range of beautiful accessories, handcrafted with high-quality materials and designed to fit perfectly.

french bulldog chain new york

Handmade in NYC with LOVE

A luxury accessory brand dedicated to dogs, with a special mention to French bulldogs. Our mission is to deliver to our beloved furry friends unique gifts to celebrate unique moments of their lives with distinction. We endlessly thrive to remain creative by constantly updating and creating new collections, lines, and items to compliment your pooches’ wardrobes.

Adding sparkles to their lives

We created the French Bullevard brand to help our canine friends and their loving owners, add sparkle to their lives. This sparkle is not only meant literally, through the glimmer and shine of our unique jewelry pieces, but also figuratively as a symbol of the joy and happiness that envelops the dog owner and his or her pet while wearing our singular collections.



What They Say

Get to reflect an impeccable taste in fashion, while pups love the attention they receive.

"Amazing Customer Service"
“You do your job amazingly by making us look so divine and stylish with the most amazing customer service. Love you.”
frankie the frenchie
"Nugz Loves Her New Vegan Leather Collar!!!"
Nugz loves her new vegan leather collar & necklace!!! Shout out @frenchbullevard for making awesome vegan leather dog products!!!
alan ashby
"We are blown away"
We are blown away by how amazing these look in reality! We love all of them! The pearls are out of those world.

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